13 December 2022

Practical Details about Online Counseling

I am interested. How can I make a first appointment?

I offer a free 20 minute intro session. Follow this link to view my calendar, and book a time slot that is convenient for you. You will receive a Zoom link via email.


What after the first meeting?

In our first call we will make a plan for the next sessions. In general, I use the first full session to hear your story, ask a lot of questions, and try to get a better understanding of your needs. By the end of the session we should have a plan for the next couple of sessions. What we do after the first session depends on the route we embark on. My three main areas of specialization are: EMDR (trauma therapy), psychiatric evaluations, and executive coaching.


Are you a licensed psychiatrist?

Yes, I am licensed as a psychiatrist in the Netherlands. You can check the current status of my license in the Dutch online and public register for Professions in Individual Health Care. In most countries outside the European Union my work qualifies as online coaching. The rules and regulations regarding cross border healthcare are not always clear. To make sure that we do not accidentally cross those borders, I offer online coaching only (i.e., no medical services and diagnoses), except in situations where we mutually agree in writing that the service qualifies as bona fide medical treatment.


How do we communicate outside our Zoom sessions?

You will receive an invitation to create an account in my portal. In the portal you will be able to schedule and modify your Zoom sessions, you will be able to email me, you can read the session notes that I write during or after our sessions, and you can pay your invoices.


Are you private pay only, or do you accept insurance?

I bill most of my clients directly. You will receive my invoices via the portal. If they agree, I can also send the invoice to someone else, e.g. your employer or a family member. Insurance is a complicated subject. If you want to send my invoices to your insurance company, I am happy to adjust the format to make it work with them. I have experience with US based Superbills, and Dutch (the Netherlands) based Zorgprestatiemodel. Most expats should be able to submit a superbill to their healthcare insurance. If you are insured via the Foreign Services Benefits Plan and you currently live outside the United States, I am in network, meaning you will most likely get 90% of the invoice reimbursed.

Dutch clients will probably get about 60-75% of their invoice covered via their healthcare insurance. 

We will go over this in the intro call.


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