23 June 2023

EMDR for grief and mourning - a vignette

As a psychiatrist specializing in online EMDR therapy, I have had the opportunity to work with many successful individuals who are facing a wide range of emotional challenges. One client, in particular, stands out to me as a testament to the power of EMDR to help individuals work through grief and depression.

Laura was a successful entrepreneur who came to me seeking help to work through the loss of her spouse. She was feeling overwhelmed by feelings of sadness, loneliness, and depression, and was struggling to find meaning and purpose in her life. She was determined to overcome her grief and move forward, but was unsure how to do so.

During our initial session, I learned about Laura's background and her relationship with her spouse. She spoke about their life together and the deep love and connection they shared. Despite her success in her career, she felt lost and alone since the death of her spouse.

I recommended EMDR therapy as a way for Laura to process her grief and to help her find a way forward. Over the course of several weeks, we worked through her feelings of loss and sadness using EMDR techniques. Through the therapy, she was able to connect with the positive memories of her spouse, and to find meaning and purpose in her life once again.

Laura reported that she was feeling more hopeful and optimistic about her future. She was sleeping better, was more productive in her work, and was able to maintain meaningful relationships with those around her. While she still felt sadness and grief from time to time, she was more equipped to manage these feelings and to find meaning and purpose in her life.

As a psychiatrist, it's an honor to be able to help individuals like Laura work through their emotional challenges and to see the positive changes that occur as a result of therapy. While the loss of a loved one is never easy, I believe that with the right support, anyone can overcome their grief and find a way forward. EMDR is a powerful tool for helping individuals process their emotions and find meaning and purpose in their lives once again.

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Michiel Bosman MD


The goal of this vignette is to illustrate the potential benefits of EMDR therapy and to show how it can help individuals overcome a wide range of challenges, both in the treatment setting and in their private or work life. The client's background and experience with EMDR are not a representation of any real person, but rather an imaginative composite of various experiences I have had with clients over the years.​

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