01 December 2022

How I Became an Online Psychiatrist

Working my butt off as a physician CEO, I was founder one of the fastest growing outpatient mental healthcare organizations in the Netherlands.

I worked hard, drove long distances (pre-Covid; pre-videoconferencing; do we still remember the old times?) between the 25 or so offices all over the country.

Was it fulfilling? Definitely! Obviously I was extremely proud about our collective achievement; the tens of thousands of patients we helped over the years. 

... But ... was it also fun?

Great question!

Running a rapidly growing mental health organization is tedious to say the least. 

Here are some reasons:

  • The constant discussions with five major insurance companies and over 150 local governments over our contracts

  • Constant cash flow issues - because of the insurance system we had to be 8 months cash flow positive.

  • An endless stream of ever changing rules and regulations.


All in all, I had to accept the fact that I was getting burned out. That is nothing to be ashamed of, in the US about half of all physicians have burn out symptoms.

But hey, I was and am a psychiatrist. A wonderful colleague who happened to be mindfulness guru had taught me the art of meditation. I had (and hope still have) insight in what drives me.

So we sold the company.

I went back to seeing patients fulltime.

loved it!

And then Covid hit.

I worked from home.

We all worked from home.

And then it dawned on me.

I could work from our sailboat.

I tried one summer, and it worked out even better than expected!

The smiles on the faces of my clients when they realized that I was following my dream - using that as guidance for following (or at least dusting off and examining) their own dreams.

We had a number of talks in the family - how did we see the next phase of our lives.

And then we took a leap of faith.

We jumped ship (in this case, on board our sailboat), and we crossed the Atlantic to Curacao. There my family and I found our new home.

I work from home (feels more like heaven) with clients on both sides of the Atlantic - and sometimes a little further.

My three areas of specialization are:

I am happy to have a chat to see what I can do for you, your loved ones, or the people in your organization.

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