08 December 2022

Working With Clients All Over the World

I am an online psychiatrist. I often explain that my clients do not have to visit my office (although you are more than welcome to visit us on the beautiful island country of Curacao), but I do virtual home visits. 

This enables me to see clients worldwide. I used to say "on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean", but I now see clients on both sides of the Pacific Ocean as well.

Zoom and a good fiber optic internet connection are important tools of my trade. I am really excited about the recent addition of a Starlink satellite internet connection to our sailboat. 

As I am licensed in the Netherlands, I can prescribe medication for clients in the European Union. Most of my client contacts are talk therapy though.

I specialize in online EMDR (trauma therapy). My other expertise is executive coaching for physicians and managers in healthcare and pharma.

I have experienced the power of mindfulness and positive psychology myself, so these frameworks have become centerpieces of my eclectic psychotherapeutic recipe.

Most clients are private pay, but if you are an expat with health insurance or if you are insured in the Netherlands it is likely that you are covered. 

Americans working abroad: if you are covered via the Foreign Services Benefit Plan: I am in network.

I look forward to having a complementary Zoom call. Let's see what I can do for you. Here is a link to my calendar.


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