How To Change Your Brain

According to research in the field of psychiatry, one single word has the power to completely change your outlook and the way that you think. These words can regulate emotional and physical stress. Words that are positive such as “love” and “peace” have the ability to alter the expression of our genes and strengthen certain areas in our frontal lobes. They also promote cognitive function and propel the motivational areas of the brain and build resiliency.

Negative Words

With that in mind, what do you suppose negative words accomplish? According to certain studies, negative words can trigger the disruption of certain genes. These genes play a part in the production of specific neurochemicals that protect us from the emotion of stress. We, as human, are simply hardwired to worry. It’s a typical reaction to protect us and ensure survival. So when someone yells at us or uses harsh words when speaking to us, we automatically worry and stress. It’s a fight or flight response. This is why a negative word can produce stress and interrupt the function of our brains when it comes to things such as logic, language, or reason. Thus, when angry words are thrown at us, they send alarm messages to our brain.

Trigger Your Optimism

The idea is that if you focus on positive or optimistic words, you trigger frontal lobe activity and this includes certain language centers of the brain. This, in turn, is directly connected to the motor cortex, which is responsible for you taking action. According to studies, the more that you focus on these positive words the more they begin to affect more areas of your brain. The parietal lobe starts to shift and change your perceptions of others as well as yourself. This means that a positive view of yourself will have you seeing more positive things in others. You would then have a positive outlook on your situations. On the flip side, negative words will make you walk into a situation or conversation with other people and have a negative outlook. Your doubt and suspicion will color your judgement and thought patterns.

 A More Positive Brain

So if you’re trying to change your negative thinking and want to have a more positive outlook on situations and life in general, you need to focus on words of optimism and positivity so that your brain begins to remember the repetition of peaceful and optimistic thought patterns instead of the negative and stress filled mindset of those that don’t harbor the positive outlook.

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