When Both Partners Drink Too Much

Different Activities

If you and your partner are both drinking too much and you’d like to start slowing down, the first thing that you need to establish is how your partner is going to respond to this idea. If your partner is on the same page with the idea of cutting back a bit or stopping altogether, it will make the change go a bit more smoothly. One of the many steps in slowing down on how much you drink is to set goals for yourself. If you’re drinking ten beers a night, cut back on that number a little each time. Another step may be for you and your partner to find a different activity than going out to a bar or pub. Try finding different ways to spend your time together that will be fun and engaging.

Lead By Example

If you consume most of your alcohol at home, you will need to be a bit more vigilant on how much you drink. Again, try to limit yourself. If your partner asks you if you want another drink, you might consider asking for an alternative beverage that doesn’t contain alcohol. Often times, your partner might follow your lead and choose something else too. However, if you feel that your partner will respond in a negative fashion to the suggestion that you both should consider cutting back, try to lead by example instead of approaching them with the idea verbally. A good track to take may be for you both to discuss trying to live healthier as opposed to discussing alcoholism. No one really wants to think of themselves as having a problem. With the idea of living healthier lives, your partner may be much more open to the idea of cutting back on their drinking. If you believe things are much worse in your drinking habits, it may be wise to consider seeking some form of counseling or help.

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