How to Turn Your Child’s Hyperactivity Into Productivity

Children seem to be little volts filled with hyper-activism, hopping here and there. They will run around, mess with things, hurt themselves, be injured and break stuff. You will see them unusually charged with active energy, whose accident-prone nature forces you to act like a rescue scout with a first aid kit ready at all time.

We must know that there is nothing with the kids to behave like this. However, as the children grow up this hyperactive behavior can bring problems for them and their parents e.g. a hyperactive child may face greater difficulty in forming friendships at preschool or giving attention to instructions.

Hyperactive children cannot be managed by strict behavior, constraining or containing.  The parents should smartly work to turn their child’s hyperactivity into productivity and responsible behavior. We have written down a few tips that will help the parents to channel their child’s hyperactive energy into positive behavior. If you are a parent or a guardian to a young child, you will find these tips extremely useful:

#1 – Sports

Sports allow the children to be themselves, they can be flexible and gain strength at the same time. Sports like football and cricket make the children learn teamwork. They interact with other children, take decisions and learn to lead.

#2 – Arts/Dance or Music Classes

A great after-school activity for children would be some arts/dance or music classes. Signing them up for activities like this would be a great way to make them productive. You should not necessarily take decisions on your own rather ask them what they want to join; they may want to join a karaoke or a cooking class. Find some fun classes like this happening near you and sign them up.

#3 – Gardening

Gardening is also a great outdoor activity. Children usually love to play with grass and run in the gardens. You can teach them some basic steps of planting a flower or just a small plant like that of a lemon. Engage them in going out with you and buying seeds. They will themselves become eager to plant them, water them and take care of them later on. Also, it would be a treat for children to see their small plant producing beautifully colored flowers and fruits.

#4 – Camping/Outdoor Trips

Allow the children to go for hiking or biking outside. They will get to see new places and learn on to do small things on their own. When they are outside in nature, they will try out things and possibly explore their skills.

#5 – Helping at Home

Do not just let your kid sit in front of TV or his smartphone all day long. You should ask them to do small home chores like cleaning the table or piling the bedsheets. Offer them a little treat when they are done. They will learn to work hard and take pride in doing it.

#6 – Sticking to a Schedule

Sit with your child and make his schedule. This will make them more productive and also make them learn the importance of time and prioritizing. Teach the children that they should complete their work before playing or brush their teeth before sleeping. When kids start understanding the importance of a schedule, they will enjoy a sense of completion after doing small things and feel happier.

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