Try This Monday Motivation Exercise!

By Meg (Meg Squats) Gallagher

What does your activity plan look like today? It’s Monday, so you’ve probably got something spicy planned (I hope), or maybe, you’re waiting until you find the right motivation to decide. Or, if you’re like most of us, you haven’t decided whether or not you can actually make even some of your dreams come true…

What about your plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next month?

If you have an answer for all of my questions, then congratulations! You’re doing great!

If not, then try this exercise…

Think about your ideal self 2-3 years from now. The version of you that gets things done and is tackling one big juicy dream at a time.

What are you doing? What do you look like? What does the future, badass version of yourself do today?

Write it down. Write out your dream day—From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.
Don’t worry, I have ideas to get you started…
• Are you thinking so great that you wake up to heated tile floors on your toes and walk straight into your at-home-sauna for an early meditation session?
• Does the future you work from home so mornings are less hectic and stressful as you get your day started?
• Do you end each day with a badass workout, while training for something that motivates and inspires everyone around you?

Write out those details of the perfect day and then think about what it would take to make those days a reality:
• What would you conquer in 1 year to create your perfect day, every day?
• What about halfway to that? What can you accomplish in the next 6 months?
• 3 months?
• 1 month?
• 1 week?

So let’s start with today. What are you doing today to get on track to becoming the best version of yourself 1 year from now? You’re on your first week to get 1/52nd of the way there. What step can you take right now?

You got this.

– Meg

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