Traveling with Anxiety – Prepare for a Carefree Trip

Traveling with anxiety

When you have anxiety, you not only suffer from those moments when you are faced with an anxiety attack, seemingly, from nowhere, but you’re also faced with overthinking scenarios that scare you. Trying to travel while in a constant state of worry isn’t the best way to enjoy a vacation. So, how do you alleviate some of those fears so that you can finally enjoy yourself? Let’s take a look at some of the most common things that people with anxiety fear when they think about travel.

Fear of Flying

This is, quite possibly, the number one fear that most people with travel anxiety have. The reason for this is due to the unknown factors that people have to deal with such as turbulence, air pressure, and quite a few other scary fears. Throw in the fact that traveling by air is the most common mode of transportation when it comes to vacationing and you have your number one traveling fear.

Worst Case Scenario

Everyone knows someone with some kind of horror story. These stories, whether they be on the news or coming from friends and family, can greatly influence your anxiety. This holds true for many things, not just traveling.

Straying From Comfort

Some have a fear of simply being too far from home. Most people view their home as a safe place, a refuge that you see a relief to the stress of the outside world. It’s quite common for those that suffer from anxiety and panic attacks to associate being home with being safe. This makes the idea of leaving for an extended period of time, stressful.

How To Handle Your Anxiety

The best thing for you to do is not to avoid the traveling. Don’t push back the date of your travel if you have to travel for some reason. Buy the ticket! When you avoid your fear it leaves you open to future traveling fears and anxiety. This is especially true if you don’t know what your fears are in the first place. Don’t fall into the trap of avoidance. If you do you’re allowing yourself to embrace negative reinforcement.

You may not know what has caused your fear, but it’s fairly easy to know what your fears are. It’s best to write down what your fears are so you can better handle them. If you begin your trip with anxiety in all likelihood your vacation or trip will keep you in a state of anxiety throughout. Some ways to avoid your travel anxiety are to:

  • Be prepared in advance.
  • Have anchors to home (i.e. people to call such as friends and family).
  • Plan an empty vacation (i.e. plan a vacation to get used to the idea of vacationing).

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