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Treatment for parenting issues should begin as soon as possible during times of couple conflict, as outcomes for children will be better if the conflict is minimized as much and as soon as possible. As with most relationship problems, early intervention makes it easier to break negative patterns that have formed around parenting. The use of CBT for addressing couple conflict has been well-documented and shown to be effective for thousands of couples who have been treated using this form of couples therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a scientifically supported treatment for addressing couple conflict and parenting, and it offers a structure that calls on you to actively participate in your treatment.

This form of therapy is often used to treat couple conflict and parenting because it is highly skills-oriented and can offer you specific ways to cope with negative emotions, alter negative thought patterns, and manage problematic behaviors. It also offers the opportunity to become more educated about couple conflict and how it typically affects parenting practices.

Many CBT treatments also recognize the importance of examining a person’s social environment and the impact that couple conflict may have on relationships with others (e.g., family and friends). Thus, this program includes some focus on these factors as a part of the treatment for your couple conflict and parenting. To learn more about the use of CBT for therapy treatment, please see the following brief introduction to CBT here (see

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