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The following recommendations will help you to maximise the benefit you get from this course:

  • Find or create a physical environment that is free from distractions for the sessions.
  • Have one notebook that you use for all your sessions.
  • Be completely open and honest with yourself throughout the exercises.
  • Stick to the programs. It can be tempting to skip sessions or to put them off until later, so make a commitment from the start to complete each session in the required timeframe.
  • Complete all activities – you may initially feel that certain activities are pointless or won’t be useful for you. Sometimes this can be a defense mechanism, particularly if you have tried things in the past that have not been successful. Give everything a go, and you may be surprised at the outcome.
  • Do not expect instant results – CBT requires going through a specific process, and the changes in your cognitions and behaviors won’t occur instantly. Working through something where there is no immediate benefit can be particularly difficult for adults with ADHD.
  • Be aware of an increase in symptoms – sometimes when we work on unhealthy cognitions and behaviors, they can increase in intensity. If this happens, then remind yourself that this is not unusual and it is part of the treatment process.
  • Regardless of whether you are using psychopharmacological interventions (medication) to assist in the management of ADHD, CBT can be helpful in developing skills to cope with the core difficulties that result from ADHD.

Now, we move on to briefly describe ADHD, the history of the disorder, and the concept of comorbid conditions.

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