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Finally, take a few minutes to evaluate your experience of this program. Specifically, think about what session or activity from which you received the most value (or found most helpful), what parts were not as helpful as you’d hoped, and what things you could have done to get more value from the program (if any). Also, think about what advice you would offer to others who struggle to manage couple conflict and parenting. We greatly value your input to make this program even better for others who have the same difficulties in their lives and homes.

Download and print the feedback form here: Parenting – Session 8 – Future Development Areas

We are pleased that you have joined our program and trust that you have found value by improving your relationship and parenting skills and thereby added quality to your everyday life. We would like to ask you to continue to make these concepts and practices part of your daily habits, which will help you maintain the progress that you have made and continue to add even more benefits for yourself and your loved ones.

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