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The Skills Development Program

The second program is the Skill Development track that is incorporated as an exercise in every main session. Many adults with ADHD do not struggle because of a lack of knowledge about what they should be doing. They struggle with actually doing it. This programme focuses on practical strategies for coping with ADHD. It addresses the most common difficulties faced by adults with ADHD. Therefore, you may find that not all strategies are as relevant to you. You may also choose to tweak them over time in order to fit your personal preferences.

Each Skill Development track includes practical strategies for implementation that week. The exercises are:

Session 1 – Getting to Bed, Getting Up and Getting to Work on Time
Session 2 – Mastering Time
Session 3 – Using a Planner
Session 4 – Getting Organized
Session 5 – Maintaining an Organizational System
Session 6 – Reflective Activity Planner
Session 7 – Activation and Motivation
Session 8 – Looking to the Future

Next, we give you tips on how to get the most benefit from this program.

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