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The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

This course comprises of two separate programs that you will complete at the same time.

The first program is a traditional CBT program, which will help you to identify and change thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that are unhealthy or problematic.

Negative thoughts and feelings alone do not cause ADHD-related difficulties. However, if you have grown up having ADHD it’s likely that you have a history of struggling with certain tasks. This can lead to avoidance and a pessimistic outlook, for example, thinking, “I can’t do this, so I won’t even try”. This creates a ‘double whammy’ and makes it even harder to succeed, due to both the ADHD-related deficits and low motivation.

Each CBT session in the traditional CBT program includes an exercise and will take approximately one hour to complete. The sessions are as follows:

Session 1 – Formulating Long-Term Goals
Session 2 – Identifying and Exploring Unhealthy or Problematic Behaviours
Session 3 – Identifying and Exploring Unhealthy or Problematic Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions
Session 4 – Identifying and Exploring Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)
Session 5 – Challenge automatic negative thoughts (ANTS)
Session 6 – Activity Plan
Session 7 – Reinforcement of Better Attitudes
Session 8 – Evaluating Goals and Wrap Up

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