Topic Progress:

Now, after you have put your new functional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to use in one or more situations that you used to find challenging and unpleasant with negative consequences, it is time to reflect on your new strategy and the outcomes.

Next, complete a journal entry for each of the situations you identify using the worksheet below. The exercise is designed to allow you to write a free narrative of your experience, including the aspects that were positive, negative, promising, and precarious. Always think what you could have done differently to make things even better. If there were still negative outcomes, why do you think was that? Which aspect do you think made a positive change? How can you reinforce these so that you use the same approach in the future? Can you also use it for other situations? These are just some questions that you can consider when writing the journal entry.

Download and print the worksheet here: Review Alternative Strategies

Next, we focus on implementing ways to reinforce the positive outcomes that you have already achieved to ensure that it becomes a natural habit.

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