Topic Progress:

In the first exercise, we ask you to think about and write down what you think are the hardest aspects of living with mental illness in your family, relationship, or friendship. Briefly, describe how it has affected you and others around you. Then, imagine the benefits of eliminating or improving the symptoms of his or her mental illness. Write it down on the worksheet provided.

Using the worksheet below, take a few minutes and answer the questions below, listing 4-7 items in each box, thinking about the present and how you would like the future to look like.

Download and print worksheet here: Living with Mental Illness

What comes next?

In session 3, we look at the profound role that thoughts and feelings, also known as cognitions, play in unhealthy behavior and attitudes. Cognitive science has advanced tremendously in the past decades and we understand much better how to positively influence someone’s beliefs so that they can improve their functioning and achieve their life goals.

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