Topic Progress:

You have seen in previous sessions that stress has a very negative effect on your body and you have written down some signs and unpleasant sensations that you have when you have bad thoughts and emotions. Look back at the previous worksheet that you have completed in Session 2. Also, remember the methods that you have learned to relax, such as controlled breathing, muscle tense and relax, visiting your calm place, and doing pleasant activities.

Think about a recent time when you were upset. What could you have done at that moment to relax and calm your body? Write down your ideas on the worksheet provided. Also, think about your situation at the time. Were you alone? Did you have time then to do a longer exercise or activity? If you have tried it, did it work? What did not work? Could you do anything better next time?

Download and print the worksheet here: Relax Your Body

What comes next?

In session 5, we introduce executive functioning skills, which are those practical abilities that are used to get successful through each day.

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