Topic Progress:

The following is the course outline with what you can expect in each session from the next session onward.

  • During session 2 we look at schemas and coping mechanisms and identify those that most influence your life.
  • In session 3 you will review your life values and set goals for this program and afterward. These will form the basis of your schema exploration.
  • During session 4 you will rate your dominant schema coping strategies and look at sample scripts to handle those better.
  • During session 5 you will learn how to fight the influence of your punitive and demanding parent modes.
  • During session 6 you will look at ways to care for your vulnerable child’s feelings.
  • In session 7 you will learn how to manage the angry child inside you.
  • Session 8 focuses on tempering your inner impulsive/undisciplined child.
  • Session 9 focuses on developing your adaptive schemas – the healthy adult and happy child modes – and the program is wrapped up with tips to sustain the techniques that you have learned.

We are very pleased that you are joining us on this journey to improvement and hope that you enjoy the sessions. It will be satisfying, but difficult too. Accept challenges as they are inevitable. Remember that progress is as much about moving forward as it is about motivating yourself when you feel progress is slow. Above all, celebrate your successes, however small! Good luck!

By now you probably wonder what exactly schemas are and what the meaning of all the characters such as vulnerable child and punitive parent are. The concept of schemas is explained in much more detail in the next session, after which most of the remaining sessions are dedicated to exploring the different characters that are part of your personality, probably without you even realizing it until now!

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