Topic Progress:

The second exercise follows from the first by giving you the opportunity to describe recent situations where you became aware that your Impulsive/Undisciplined Child was present and caused immediate (or later/potential) problems. By contemplating the needs that were likely underlying your behavior, you are able to start looking at healthier alternatives to replace or resolve them.

These solutions could include anticipating situations where urges become a problem, mindfulness exercises to reduce inner distress and minimize the need to act immediately, articulating your impulses (e.g. by explaining or talking about it), learning compassion for other people, trying dialogues between your inner schema characters, and breaking bad behavioral patterns.

Download and print the worksheet here to help you learn to direct or control your impulses: Regulating and Controlling Your Behavior

In the final session of this program, we guide you how to develop adaptive schemas and strengthen the Happy Child Mode and the Healthy Adult Mode.

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