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Evidence proves that Schema Therapy works. Schema Therapy is an increasingly popular model for working with persons who have a variety of personality and other psychological difficulties or those who simply wish to enhance their personal experience and satisfaction with life. Several research studies, including those conducted by Arnoud Arntz and his colleagues at the Maastricht University and in the U.K. have proven that Schema Therapy is very effective to reduce dysfunctional personality traits.

Furthermore, secondary gains were also evident, including more stable and happier moods, and higher general and social functioning after following a Schema Therapy program. The model was robust across all personality types, including those with suspicious, anxious, and impulsive dimensions.

The Schema Therapy program was designed to enhance personality characteristics. The Schema Therapy model teaches people to identify and change their maladaptive schemas and coping styles that continue to block them from having their needs met, to adaptive strategies. By using this flexible approach, people learn to think and act differently on their personality beliefs, which typically improves self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, the presence of negative emotions, and adapting and recovering from difficult experiences.

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