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The most effective motivational communication takes place in a preset sequence, starting by questioning the advantages and disadvantages of the status quo, that is, if no change takes place. Then, the disadvantages of making the changes are discussed before the child is lead to describe the advantages of change or the benefits that s/he can expect from it. Using detailed and vivid descriptions of these advantages and benefits (e.g. how would their daily lives, performance, relationships improve by achieving their goals of change?) further increases their conscious and subconscious desire to change.

Before having an important motivational discussion with your child, prepare by making some notes in the worksheet provided. Gently explore each in the proposed sequence without leading the child. Remember the reflective listening guidelines and paraphrase the speaker’s comments to ensure clarity and reinforce commitment. Make notes and use it again in your next discussion.

Download and print the worksheet here: Preparing for Motivational Communication

Next, we look at the importance of having unity and stability in the family environment.

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