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The short daily care checklist is designed to remind you of the things that are important to ensure that you are in the best position and ability to support your partner, family member, or friend in the process of managing their mental illness.

Now that you have explored the early warning signs and situations wherein it is more likely to appear, and devised an action plan, it is time to briefly check each point that will help make you more aware of potential problems in a proactive way. It will also help remind you of positive things that you can do to facilitate better support. Refer to the checklist every day until it becomes second nature.

Download and print the daily care checklist here: Daily Care Checklist

What comes next?

Well done! You have completed the program allowing you to care more effectively for a partner, family member, or friend with a mental illness. You have been equipped with many tried and proven concepts and techniques to support your effort, including caring for yourself to make sure that you are energized and supportive. Now, it is time to keep on applying these methods to sustain the progress that you have already made. Remember that recovery is a journey and there will be setbacks along the way. Plan for occasional recurring issues and help your loved one be vigilant for warning signs. When problems or symptoms feel unmanageable or present a danger to anyone, seek professional help. Good luck!

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