Topic Progress:

Treating couple conflict and parenting problems involve being aware of the negative emotions that occur for you that are related to these issues. Once you are more aware of these emotions, you will be in a better position to take care of your emotional needs and address the thoughts and behaviors contributing to these emotions. Use the worksheet provided to identify your negative emotions related to couple conflict and parenting, and how they impact you and your family.

Outline your own negative emotions and how they impact you and your family. You may find it helpful to refer back to your responses to the exercise where you explored and formulated specific issues for any negative emotions that you identified there (see Session 2, Topic 3: Identifying your couple conflict and parenting problems).

Download and print the worksheet to list and explore your negative emotions here: Explore Negative Emotions

Now, move on to session 5, where we focus on unhelpful and problematic thoughts that influence the quality of your relationships and parenting.

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