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In this mode you have a healthy, adequate view of yourself and others, conflicts and emotional distress will not upset you too much, you keep a healthy balance between your own and others people’s needs, and you don’t have to avoid or overcompensate for undesirable feelings or events. You have a good idea of your own values and goals and are able to pursue interests, responsibilities, and pleasures that add meaning to your life. Some features of the Healthy Adult Mode are as follows:

  • Healthy ego functioning (e.g. self-esteem, assertiveness, confidence)
  • Realistic judgment of situations, conflicts, relationships, yourself, and other people
  • Little problems do not trigger overwhelming negative emotions
  • You sense both your own feelings and needs and those of other people
  • You can balance your needs with the needs of others
  • You can make commitments, take responsibilities, and comply with your duties
  • You find constructive solutions for problems
  • You enjoy adult pleasures and interests (sports, culture, sex, etc.)

Now, move on to considering ways to develop your inner healthy adult!

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