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Your personality style can be your biggest ally or enemy. Think of it as a lens through which you see and react to the world around you. If you view yourself as grandiose and awe-inspiring, there is a good chance that others might see you as pretentious and struggle to connect. If you view yourself as powerful and entitled, others may avoid or oppose you. When you think of yourself as weak and insecure, and the world as threatening, you tend to withdraw from others or defend yourself when it is not necessary.

These are only a few examples, but each of us has character traits that hinder our relationships and satisfaction. The trick is to identify those different personalities residing inside us, honestly connect with them and understand them. Such insights lead to a more harmonious and ‘softer’ interaction with yourself and others that is generally more helpful to achieve your goals. This is exactly what Schema Therapy is intended to do for you.

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