Topic Progress:

Treating couple conflict and parenting issues successfully involve being aware of the behaviors that you are using that are unhealthy for yourself and your family. Use the worksheet provided to identify and explore both unhealthy and healthy behaviors in this area.

As you learned in the current session, there are several unhealthy and negative behaviors in which people often engage related to couple conflict and parenting. Now, outline your own behaviors, the changes you’d like to experience with them, and how such changes may impact your life in the following worksheet.

Download and print the first worksheet here: Explore Behavior Problems

Next, as you have also learned in this session, treating your issues with couple conflict and parenting is not just about targeting unhealthy and problematic behaviors but also about increasing healthy and positive behaviors that help you manage the conflict and protect your children from negative effects. Use the second worksheet to outline and explore these behaviors.

Download and print the second worksheet here: Alternative Healthy and Positive Behaviors

In the next session, you will look at your negative emotions that are related to your relationships and parenting.

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