Topic Progress:

The following is the course outline with what you can expect in each following session.

  • Session 2 offers an introduction to cognitive theory – how thoughts and feelings influence behavior, and your child is helped to identify some of his/her thoughts, feelings, and body sensations.
  • In session 3, we explain the nature of stress and the negative impact that it has on a child’s attitude and behavior. We offer exercises to effectively reduce stress and help the child relax.
  • Session 4 is all about automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), the way that they are formed, and the impact that it has on performance. We identify the different types of ANTs and guide your child to assess his/her own while learning that they are not always true.
  • In session 5, we introduce executive functioning skills and provide a questionnaire with which to assess your child’s strong and weak areas.
  • Session 6 defines and discusses different aspects of the planning and organizing group of skills, which includes working memory, planning/prioritizing, organizing, and time management skills.
  • In session 7, we explain and explore the second group of executive functioning skills – problem-solving, which covers goal-directed persistence, flexibility, and metacognition.
  • Session 8 explain the third type of executive functioning skill set, the regulation skills, which includes behavior inhibition, emotional control, task initiation, and sustained attention.
  • In the final session, session 9, we explain the best way to communicate with and motivate your child and give practical tips how to deal with your child when s/he is resistant or defiant.

We are very pleased that you are joining us on this journey to improvement and hope that you enjoy the sessions. It will be satisfying, but may be difficult too. Accept setbacks as they are inevitable. Remember that progress is as much about moving forward as it is about picking yourself up when you are frustrated or lose hope, and motivating your child throughout ups and downs. Good luck!

What comes next?

Session 2, the first step of the 8-session program, discusses the nature of problematic thoughts and feel-ings and the impact that it has on initiating unhelpful behaviors.

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