Topic Progress:
  1. Introduction to course; benefits of mindfulness; definition of mindfulness – Mindful eating
  2. Misconceptions about mindfulness – Body scanning
  3. A deeper understanding of mindfulness; the anchor point – Mindfulness of breathing
  4. Naming and noting the breath – Naming and noting the breath
  5. Counting the breath – Counting the breath
  6. Mindfulness of sounds – Mindfulness of sounds
  7. How to deal with restlessness – Working with restlessness
  8. How to deal with sleepiness; mindfulness of the body – Mindfulness of the body
  9. Resolving blocks – Mindfulness combination practice
  10. Mindfulness of feelings – Mindfulness of feelings
  11. Dealing with common issues – Mindfulness combination practice
  12. Mindfulness of thoughts – Mindfulness of thoughts
  13. Course review – Mindfulness combination practice
  14. Starting a regular meditation practice; everyday “spontaneous” mindfulness – Everyday mindfulness

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