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Awareness is the first step to improvement. by being aware of and questioning the thinking patterns associated with these negative beliefs, it is possible to redirect them to healthier alternatives. This is the premise of the CBT method upon which this program is based. As we have seen before, negative thoughts, feelings, and behavior often form a destructive cycle or chain reaction that become increasingly difficult to break free from. An example of a situation that can trigger a helpful or unhelpful response regarding thoughts, feelings, emotions, psychical reactions, and behavior is indicated in the table below. It is clear that a single situation, and the way it is perceived or interpreted based on the prominent core belief, can cause a chain reaction with negative results. In such a case, often the outcome and reaction from others are also negative, which further reinforces the problematic core belief.

Helpful and Unhelpful Cognitions

By emphasizing the role of thoughts in psychological well-being, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) uses a systematic, goal-oriented procedure. There are a specific number of steps with a beginning and an end that better enable a person to work towards specific and well-defined personal goals. There are plenty of scientific evidence that the CBT approach works. Recent large-scale meta-analysis studies have proven that there is no doubt that CBT is an effective treatment for adult depression, alone or in comparison with professionally prescribed medication. It was also found to be superior to antidepressants and equally effective to improve depression-related behavior problems.

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