On April 20 to 23, 2017, Open Forest Founder and Psychiatrist, Dr. Michiel Bosman presented the second of two research papers at the 6th World Congres on ADHD held in Vancouver, Canada. The paper was titled “Characteristics of a Freelance Community Sample with ADHD and Their Views on Online Therapy.” A total of 184 participants from the U.S. were recruited on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform and completed an online survey about their views on online mental health programs and experiences with psychotherapy. Results from the Adult ADHD self-report scale indicated a very high prevalence of ADHD symptoms in this community. Those somewhat likely and extremely likely to qualify for a diagnosis of ADHD were respectively at 36% and 19%, much higher compared to the 4% of adults in the general population estimated to have ADHD. Nearly 60% were willing to consider online therapy as an option, citing convenience, ease-of-use, and lower cost as attractions.

Open Forest Presents at the 6th World Congress on ADHD

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