How to think fast and sharpen your concentration

Improve Your Thinking and Concentration

Everyone can have a lapse in memory. As you age those lapses can happen more often. Stress can also be a trigger for memory lapses and concentration issues. If your memory is starting to get foggy and you’re feeling like you can’t concentrate as well or that your thinking time is slowing down, there are ways to clear the fog and boost thinking speed and concentration.

The better we concentrate, the better we do. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can break our concentration these days. Distractions lie everywhere and most of them are from our electronics. As soon as you log onto Facebook or Twitter or even our email; it can take us a while to get our focus back onto what it was that we were supposed to be doing online in the first place. We’re side tracked by a plethora of different games, articles, and posts. This is just a short list of some ways to help you stay focused and thinking faster.


  1. Turn off notifications on your devices. Though it may not shock you, your pop-up notifications and your phone alerts will break your concentration faster than you think.
  2. Give yourself verbal reminders. When you find yourself being sidetracked by an app or an email, say out loud, “I’m getting sidetracked”. This vocal jolt has a way of helping you to bring yourself back from your distraction so you can regain focus on the task at hand.
  3. Do things that help lessen your stress. No one can concentrate well when under stress. Try swimming or going to the gym. A great addition to your workout is breathing meditation. When you’re exercising, try to keep your focus on your breathing. If your mind begins to wander, bring it back to focus again. A helpful tip is focusing on the way your breath feels on your lips or even the feel of the air filling your lungs.
  4. Sleep. Your brain needs the rest just as much as your body. We can’t focus very well if we’re tired. Believe it or not, sleep deprivation is close to becoming an epidemic! If you aren’t sleeping enough and you feel like napping, you probably should if you can manage it. A short nap can give your brain the reboot that it needs.
  5. High protein, low carb dishes for breakfast and for lunch. Carbs turn to sugar rather quickly and will give you a fast boost, but will also give you a nasty crash. Protein is brain food. It works at a slower pace, but will give you steady energy that will help keep you focused.
  6. If you enjoy your coffee, here’s a tip. Drink it slowly. Your caffeine will work better if you don’t drink it fast. When you take in caffeine quickly, it could lead to a crash and kill your focus.

Think Fast

When you were a child, what was it that helped you to learn to use a spoon or a fork? You didn’t suddenly know how to use silverware. It took you a while. It was because of repetition. If you want to be able to think faster, you need to do things repetitively and often. Your brain is a muscle and if you’re not exercising that grey matter upstairs, like any muscle, it can get weaker. You can’t begin to think faster until you begin working your brain. Playing an instrument is one of the ways that you can do this. Don’t just play the same things that you normally would. Learning new music will work your brain better because you will be reading the sheet music then translating it into sound.

Brain training games can also help you. There are many great places online that offer wonderful tools for this specific area. The benefits of using such training exercises are many. Not only will you begin processing and thinking faster, but you’ll also sharpen your memory. There have been studies that indicate that certain training exercises will also improve driving skills as well as being able to hear better in a noisy environment. Eating certain foods will also help your brain. Blueberries are often referred to as “Brainberries” and eating such things as salmon will also give your brain a boost.

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