Should you take an Anxiety and Depression Self-Test?

Only you know the answer to that question. Almost everyone feels anxious or depressed at some time or another. Things like losing someone you love, being fired from your job, or going through divorce can cause anyone to feel sad, scared, anxious, nervous, or lonely. These are all normal reactions to stressful periods during your life. In cases such as these, when the cause is apparent, many people turn to self-help life change courses to get themselves back on track.

There are people however, who experience feelings like these on a daily, or almost daily basis with no apparent explanation. Their feelings are so extreme that in some cases in some cases they aren’t able to function on a normal, day to day basis. In cases such as these, depression, anxiety disorder, or both may be to blame.

In many cases, the two disorders go hand in hand. Almost half of all the people who are diagnosed with depression also have an anxiety disorder. Feelings of discouragement, hopelessness, or general sadness aren’t uncommon for short periods of time and are usually just “the blues.” When these periods last for weeks at a time or interfere with routine activities such as going to work or caring for the family, it may be time to reevaluate the cause. An anxiety and depression self-test may give you a clearer idea as to whether what you are feeling is depression, anxiety, or even both.

It may also help to look into self-help websites or courses which can give you tips such as the best exercises for depression, coping tips, etc. Taking an anxiety and depression self-test is by no means meant to replace a professional diagnosis, but it can either reassure you that you are just a little under the weather or prompt you to speak with your doctor, depending on your results.

While self-help courses can be beneficial to anyone, they often show the most positive results when used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that you and your doctor set up. Both depression and anxiety are highly treatable disorders, but the first step is getting help and that is a step that only you can take.

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