Stretch Your Mind and Body – Yoga is Ideal for Seniors

As we grow older, our joints become a little stiffer and we find it hard to get up and go about even simple daily activities. Sure, we could write this off as just another one of those things that happen when we age, but is there really nothing we can do about it? As it turns out, there is something we can do, and it’s yoga. Here are five reasons why yoga is ideal for seniors.

To many, yoga is something that young, free-spirited people do. Some of us may have a rough idea of yoga, but few of us actually know what it does for our minds and our bodies. Here are some of the benefits of yoga for seniors and how we can unlock our own little slice of nirvana.

Yoga Is: An Easy Exercise for Older Bones

One of the main reasons why people over 60 should do yoga is because it’s such an accessible exercise. Yoga is low-impact, meaning it doesn’t pull on our strength and endurance too much. You won’t feel winded after your first few minutes, but the activity is rigorous enough to improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility. All you really need to practice yoga is a roll-out mat, but it may be beneficial to set up a dedicated space to practice. A yoga and meditation space can be small and simple, but it should be well-lit and decorated in a way that calms you and allows you to focus on your practice.

Yoga Is: A Gateway to Better Joint Health

Yoga will not put any additional stress on your joints, but rather give them a chance to stretch out and strengthen over time. From your head down to your toes, the various movements and poses will improve joints such as knees and shoulders, which are vital for our ability to get up and around. After a few weeks of yoga, you will notice that it’s easier to get up out of bed and move around the house. You’ll feel the tension leave these areas along with feelings of stiffness, which can inspire more advanced exercises and other daily activities.

Yoga Is: Relief From Anxiety and Stress

Other benefits of yoga extend beyond the body and can actually improve the way we think and feel. Like many other forms of exercise, stretching has been shown to help with stress relief and anxiety. What sets yoga apart from other exercises is how it already has a meditative aspect built into its core philosophy. Yoga draws deeply from our spirituality and pushes you to engage with different thoughts and feelings. Doing yoga can feel like a figurative weight is being lifted from your shoulders. It allows you to feel at peace with who you are and your place in the world.

Yoga Is: Improved Stability and Balance

Yoga is also known to test our balance and stability by strengthening core muscles. By going through the several different positions, you practice honing in on different muscle groups which will give you greater control whenever you are standing, sitting, or even reaching upwards. Having better control over your balance is especially important for seniors, who are known to suffer from loss of balance and even injury due to falling over.

Yoga Is: A Breath of Fresh Air

Relieving tension from our joints is great, but even more essential to our lives is our ability to breathe. According to recent studies, those who practice yoga also enjoy an improved respiratory system. A healthy and active lifestyle begins with healthy breathing, and as we age it’s important that we practice good respiratory habits so we can go on to live happy and healthy lives.

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