6 Depression Blogs That We Rave About

Depression hits one in 10 people. Some say that the statistics are woefully underreported because not everyone is at ease telling the world about their mental health issues.

Many people suffer from depression for years and aren’t entirely sure what to do to correct it. They have good lives and offer real value to the world. They don’t understand why they are depressed and they don’t know what to do about it.

The online world has helped many of these people by giving them an outlet to speak to others like them and to find self-help modules that can make them feel better about themselves and about life.

Treating your own depression means first admitting that you have depression and then working from there.

Beyond Meds

Beyond Meds provides a vast amount of help for those who suffer from depression and want to take it a step further than the medication. Offering information about the medication and other methods that can be used to combat depression,  Beyond Meds provides top quality and factual information about  depression and self-help.

Storied Mind

The second in our line of great depression blogs is the Storied Mind. Featuring multiple ways to recover from depression as well as advice on medications and  on allowing people to be there for you, as well as how to be a little more gentle with yourself, the Storied Mind is among the best of the blogs we’ve seen on depression and recovery from depression.


Chipur provides top quality information  on depression, self-help, and medications that will help you to move into the realm of recovering from depression. If you’ve ever been depressed, Chipur understands and can help you to combat that depression,  as well as to find other blog sites that can help you with your depression.

Coping with Depression

If you’ve ever been depressed you know that there is a lot to learn about coping, helping yourself or coping with the depression of a loved one. Learning as much as you can about your own depression is the first step to take when you’re trying to beat your depression. Coping with Depression not only helps you to learn more about your own depression but offers you information about spouse or partners who may be suffering from depression and how they can be helped by  your actions.

Depression on my mind

Depression on my mind with Christine Stapleton is one of the blogs available on the renowned Psych Central and features some of the best advice that you’re going to get so far as treating and coping with your depression or that of a teen or family member.  If you’ve ever been depressed, even for a day, there is help to be had on Depression on my Mind. A collection of her columns and blogs, Hoping for a Happy ending: A journalist’s story of depression, bipolar and alcoholism is also available at www.Amazon.com.

Dr. Deb Serani

Dr. Deb Serani is an American psychologist who has a clinical specialty of depression. She offers top notch ways to combat depression, including how family members can help as well as how you can use self-help modules to assist you. In keeping with her specialty of depression, she’s written many books on the subject as well as having written multiple blogs and blog posts, most of which can be found here.

Depression can be draining, leaving you feeling tired, unable to eat or to interact with others. There is help and there is hope to be found at many of these blogs and sites, as well as from Open Forest Self Help Modules.

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