Emotional Jealousy

Jealousy can have some nasty sides, but the more common emotional side of jealousy can cause serious issues in a relationship. Jealousy can happen during a relationship and even after one ends. If you’re in a relationship that hinges on jealous tendencies, it’s not a healthy way to live. If you and your partner are out for the night and someone casually flirts with your significant other, how do you process and handle that? In a healthy relationship, there is trust and if you trust your partner, you don’t usually have feelings of jealousy toward another person that may have captured your partner’s attention, however long or brief. If you are prone to fits of jealousy, the first thing that you need to assess is the why of it. There may be underlying insecurities that you need to discuss with your partner. Another reason may be that your partner has done something to warrant the distrust and you are having issues processing and dealing with these feelings.

If your relationship has ended and you find that your former partner is now dating someone else, you will feel jealousy. Often times, this form of jealousy is a bit more destructive. Feelings of intense jealousy in this regard may have you plotting and planning ways to get your partner back and to get him or her away from the person that they’re with. Many of these violent feelings are moderately natural, but we, as human beings, know the difference between right and wrong. This doesn’t make the feelings of jealousy go away and often times will lead to some depression and feelings of loss. Our base instincts will always revert to fight or flight and when it comes to jealousy, you’re going to find that “fight” wins out most of the time. In the more severe cases, you will find issues of obsession and revenge. This is no way to live and if you are having these feelings, speak to family or friends about it. Jealousy is a normal response in many ways, but negative thoughts and feelings should be handled with care.

Sexual Jealousy

Many men respond with more jealousy when their mate has cheated on them physically as opposed to having their mate’s emotional needs met by someone else. This response is more base than a woman’s. When someone is after a man’s mate physically, they become much more fierce. Women actually tend toward the reverse. If their mate is getting the emotional support of another woman, this tends to trigger jealousy. If their mate is simply physical with another woman, women often don’t get as fiercely jealous. Make no mistake, it is a part of each piece of the jealousy spectrum, but certain things are bigger triggers than others. We’ve all heard those songs about retribution against cheaters. Country music speaks clearly about these forms of jealousy. If you’re in a position where you are feeling physically violent, it’s probably time to reassess your relationship. A certain amount of jealousy is a natural occurrence, but when it hits a level of physical violence, you may want to take a step back and ask yourself if you’re in a healthy relationship. Though all jealousy is emotional, certain types of jealousy can be triggered by specific actions.

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