In the previous sessions, the process of Schema Therapy has been explained, particularly in the context of understanding and working with your dysfunctional coping, parent, and child modes. Now it is time to work towards your ideal destination: the Healthy Adult Mode with a sprinkling of the Happy Child Mode. The overarching objective of Schema Therapy is to reduce the influence of your negative modes while strengthening the positive modes.

Session Objectives

  • To explain what a Happy Child Mode is and how it relates to the Healthy Adult Mode
  • To describe the role and features of the Healthy Adult Mode
  • To explain how the Healthy Adult Mode can be developed
  • To build an understanding of your Healthy Adult Mode
  • To practice strengthening your Healthy Adult Mode
  • To wrap up the program and urge continued improvement

In the next section, we explore one of the two adaptive schema modes, the Happy Child Mode and explain why it is important in enhancing personality and improving one’s quality of life.

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