In this session, you will learn about the skill set of problem-solving executive skills, why it is important is your child’s daily life, and how to develop these abilities.

What are the objectives of session 7?

  • To describe goal-directed persistence, why it is an important skill, and how to improve it
  • To learn about the need for flexibility, how it influences a child’s lie and how to practice it
  • To understand the meaning and importance of metacognition and how to develop the skill
  • The skill set of problem-solving executive skills

The group of problem-solving executive skills not only requires that a person is able to persist with efforts to achieve a goal, but also have the ability to judge their own progress and performance and know when and how to pursue other alternatives when needed. The child has the skill to monitor and compare their own advances toward defined objectives against their own and others’ expectations. However, they also have the capacity to understand when expectations are not reasonable or achievable and adjust either their goals, strategy or effort in order to perform the best possible.

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