In the previous session, we learnt about the two dysfunctional parent modes—demanding and punitive parent. The parent modes are often engaged in an internal interaction and conflict with the dysfunctional child modes. In this session, we focus on the first of the dysfunctional child modes, the vulnerable child. We explain the roots of the vulnerable child inside us, and how and why s/he is triggered and expressed, also how limited reparenting can be used to manage the vulnerable child.

Session Objectives

  • To describe the feelings of the vulnerable child mode
  • To explain the main types of the vulnerable child mode
  • To look at typical schema beliefs of the vulnerable child
  • To explore how to heal the vulnerable child
  • To better understand your vulnerable child
  • To reparent your vulnerable child

In the first topic hereafter, we explain the characteristics and subtypes of the vulnerable child mode and his/her typical beliefs.

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