In this session, you will learn how to improve and develop your child’s skills to plan and organize their daily tasks and space.

What are the objectives of session 6?

  • To learn what working memory is and how to improve it
  • To understand how to develop planning and prioritizing skills
  • To know what activities to plan to improve your child’s organizing skills
  • To learn how to develop time management skill
  • To appreciate the importance to regularly monitor progress and provide feedback

What are the first important considerations?

The improvement and development of a child’s executive functioning skills are all about routine, system, and communication. You should set time aside regularly to discuss the goals and progress with your child and put a routine in place to support their efforts. Executive functioning skills are all about attention to detail and as soon as the new system becomes a habit, rapid improvement is achieved. Remember that it requires teamwork between your child and you. If you carefully and patiently follow these guidelines and encourage your child with small rewards and achievable challenges, success is very likely.

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