The objectives of session 6 are the following:

  • To review what you’ve learned so far about couple conflict and parenting
  • To combine everything you’ve learned so far to develop an activity plan to try over the next few days in order to help manage your couple conflict and parenting issues

As you learned before, conflict in all relationships is inevitable and the more demands that a couple takes on across their lifetime together, the more chance there is that conflict may arise. This is especially true with parenting which can create conflict within your couple relationship that can easily spill over and negatively affect your parenting. The most successful couples do not have an absence of conflict but rather tend to manage their conflict in effective and healthy ways.

Research has shown that marital conflict can have several negative effects on children including:

  • Psychological harm to children
  • Behavioral difficulties at home and/or school
  • Relationship problems into adulthood

Your role and success in solving these issues within your family depend on several factors including your personal motivation to change, openness to change, commitment, and social support from others. We continue our review in terms of behaviors related to couple conflict and parenting in the next section.


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