In setting goals in this session, you will make important decisions that will affect the course of this program.Session Objectives

Session Objectives

  • To explain how to set effective goals
  • To describe how to determine personal values
  • To define your goals for the program
  • To identify barriers and supports to achieving your goals

How do I set effective goals?

In defining and setting goals, it is helpful to be realistic, concrete, and specific instead of too optimistic, abstract or vague. By breaking goals into smaller steps where possible, they become more attainable, which also serve to motivate and maintain your improvement. For example, “be more caring”, or “feel better” are not ideal goals, as it is too vague and does not allow you to know when it has been achieved. Instead, “never lash out at someone”, and “schedule an hour of pleasurable activity each day” are realistic and measurable goals.

What are my values?

In order to define goals, you need to think about your values or what things you really care about in your life. What do you want your life to be about? What are the lasting things that you want to achieve? What legacy do you want to leave? Keep in mind that people have different values. Your values are your values, and no one else’s. So there is no right way to think and feel about it; only with honesty and an open mind.

Next, you are asked to use the worksheet provided to formulate a few values in different life domains.

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