The objectives of session 3 are the following:

To learn about common negative emotions associated with couple conflict and parenting

To identify your own negative emotions related to couple conflict and parenting, and how they impact you and your family

As you are probably well aware, parents who experience couple conflict within their relationship go through a myriad of negative emotions, sometimes on a daily basis. These emotions often stem from negative encounters that you have with your partner, but may also come up as a result of negative thoughts that you have about your partner. For example, you may believe that he or she is acting a certain way to intentionally annoy or frustrate you.

Whether it’s the result of behaviors from your partner or simply thoughts about your partner, negative emotions can color the way that you parent. They can affect your well-being as well as that of the entire family. Examples of common emotions that you may feel when dealing with couple conflict and parenting include:

Examples of Emotions in Family Contexts

In the next section, we consider healthy ways to deal with negative emotions that typically arise during couple conflict and strained parenting situations.

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