The poet William Blake once wrote mindfulness is “to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.”

We spend far too much of our time in the past and future, neglecting the present. Despite the fact that we cannot change anything about the past and are not yet able to engage with the future, we cling to it with all our might. While the only relevant time at any moment is the present. It is here that we can correct mistakes and learn to deal with the past. It is also here that we can experience life and set the foundation for a healthy and happy future.

In this session, we introduce mindfulness and the power of having a mindful attitude in everyday life.

What are the objectives of session 2?

  • To learn what mindfulness is
  • To learn the importance of keeping a journal
  • To reflect on your own goals, strengths, and stresses
  • To raise awareness by practicing mindful eating
  • To introduce and practice a short body scan exercise

In the next topic, we talk about what mindfulness is and how straightforward and logical the concept is in reality.

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