Run Along – A New Year’s Resolution

I am pleased to announce that I have (finally) caught the running bug. Again. Not the first time on the New Year’s resolution list. Only six short weeks after I promised myself I would take it up – but I’m trying not to focus on that. I’m attempting to accept that I have been out every day for the last week and not to focus on how much fitter I’d be by now if I’d only started running when I first said I would. Can you see how well it’s working?!

Running at Sunset

Running is a perfectly good new year’s resolution that can benefit a person’s health and sense of achievement and adventure

The choice to run was dictated by two things. 1) I very much hope to negate the need to fall dramatically against the wall and gasp every time I encounter a particularly long flight of stairs. And 2) I have dogs, who must be walked, so I might as well run while I’m doing it. I also wouldn’t say no to the loss of a few pounds. So, I’m running again.

And I had fully expected to hate every minute of it. I even let myself get conned into buying a cleverly overpriced album branded specifically for runners in anticipation of just how boring it would be. I’m pretty sure that’s why it took me six weeks to finally pull on my trainers and actually bound out across the fields.

If I had taken a moment to be mindful, to consider my goals and accept the need to run to achieve them, I would doubtless have succeeded weeks ago. But I had decided it would be difficult, horrible and grueling, so it was. It was not until the third day when I got tangled between phone, dog leads and water bottle, snapped the cable off my headphone and had to run acapella that I actually started to enjoy what I was doing. I was in the moment, present, centered. Even the dogs were impressed with how far I ran. I’ve decided that’s the secret to renewed success. Running mindfully. Oh, and better goals. So I’m now officially in training for a half marathon in June…

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