Relieve Panic Attacks Naturally – More Expert Advice

From visualization, laughter, and a’chromatherapy, to focusing on physical sensations and enjoying a glass of good wine, read these seven experts’ ideas of how to relieve panic attacks naturally. Interested in breathing techniques too? Read here how even more experts use deep and rhythmic breathing to stop their clients’ and their own anxiety.

#1 – Create good brain chemistry naturally

If you remember that a panic attack involves brain and chemistry, how do you create good chemistry?

Yes, you can give meds IV.

But, you can create the same chemistry you had that fun day at the beach if you use all five senses plus humor:

  • Feel the sand
  • Smell the ocean
  • Hear the waves, music
  • See the people, the sunset, etc.
  • Taste the hot dog

Or, recall a funny event!

If you are religious, you can also:

  • Recall the church service:
  • Smell the candles
  • See the candles the stained glass images
  • Feel the prayer book
  • Drink the sacramental wine
  • Hear the choir or the priest
  • Recall sitting between mom and dad

When you recall using all five senses and humor/feeling, you change the panic chemistry to the good chemistry.

Great actors do this all the time!

  • Dr. Murray Grossan is a practicing ear, nose, and throat physician and author of the books, “The Whole Body Approach to Allergy and Sinus Health” and “Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror.” He can be visited at

#2 – Laughter calms panic

My clients learn to recognize the earliest and subtlest signals their body sends to indicate onset of a panic attack, and to develop a conditioned response of intentional laughter. This works because it stimulates the vagus nerve, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxing the sympathetic nervous system. Cultivating a daily practice of laughing on purpose (aka laughter yoga) is an excellent way to make this easy and fun.

  • Dave Berman is a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist, known around the world for his daily laughter practice. Visit or contact him directly at 707-845-3749.
Awareness of sensations can help panic

Focusing the sensation under the soles of your feet can stem panic

#3 – Focus on the soles of your feet

Before a panic attack spirals out of control, shift your attention to the soles of your feet. This practice can help ground you.

Notice the feeling of the firmness of the ground beneath your feet. You can even notice each foot connecting with the earth when you walk.

Shifting your attention from your mind to your body, and especially to the soles of your feet, is a practice that can help you feel centered and balanced. You can do this most anywhere and anytime, and best of all, it’s free.

  • Joy Rains is the author of “Meditation Illuminated: Simple Ways to Manage Your Busy Mind.” Visit her website for free meditations and view her profile on LinkedIn.

#4 – Abdominal tapping

There are a many great ways to alleviate oncoming panic attacks. However, one of the best is abdominal tapping. When a person is rhythmically tapping, slapping, or otherwise physically stimulating their lower abdomen, the mind becomes attracted to the stimulation. With the mind focusing on the sensations being created, the person returns to the present “here and now” space thereby diminishing and ultimately negating panic and anxiety. Besides this benefit, there are a few others. Briefly, the core is referenced for increased balance, strength, and coordination; circulation is improved around all of the digestive organs; and, the body will release a greater amount of our own happiness molecules, such as dopamine and serotonin. Apart from clearing panic, greater levels of health and happiness are simultaneously achieved.

  • Dr. Justin Newman is the Medical Director at The Banyan Holistic, spa-integrated holistic healthcare services offered in Pinecrest, Florida. He has been professionally involved in the holistic healthcare field for the past 23 years. Dr. Newman a licensed doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine as well as a certified life coach, and have owned and operated my his thriving holistic clinic since 1999. During this time, he has successfully integrated meditation instruction, hypnotherapy and NLP, and other mindfulness practices into their programs. Apart from his clinical experience, he also regularly teaches classes in holistic wellness, empowerment, awareness expansion, yoga, aikido, and provide various other community services.
Woman sipping a glass of wine

Research has found a glass of wine can help alleviate anxiety

#5 – Grab a glass of wine when possible!

Gene Caballero, the co-founder of GreenPal, writes, “When I am feeling a panic attack coming along, oddly enough, I grab a glass of wine if available. This helps me relax and has slowed down the anxiety for me numerous times. If I can feel the attack coming early enough, this certainly helps alleviate the severity and duration for me.”

  • Gene is the co-founder of GreenPal, which has been described as the Uber for lawn care, based in Nashville, Tennessee but covering many more cities and towns across the US.

#6 – Let the fear energy pass naturally

To relieve a panic attack the best thing one can do is to laser focus on the sensation of the fear energy in their body. Imagine that you are riding that sensation through your body much like a surfer rides an ocean wave.

Don’t suppress or repress the swell of fear, simply be present to it as it passes through you. It won’t last longer than 90 seconds and you will feel tremendous relief and ease once you do this. Emotions and sensations simply want to be felt, acknowledged and loved. Your presence to this fear energy allows it to fully dissipate from your body.

  • Heather Kristian Strang is a Spiritual author and guide. Her books include “A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living,” “The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic” (currently optioned as a film), “Following Bliss,” “And Then It Was You,” and “Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems.” She has written for and had been featured in Bustle, Sedona Journal of Emergence, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, FinerMinds, The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, and the book “Fierce on the Page.” Learn more at

#7 – A’chromatherapy

Give the gift of stress reduction with this 5-minute solution to stress, and learn how to be mindful with ease. Choose one of 7 nature inspired tins, each color coded to use the power of color therapy. After choosing your personalized tin, open it up to reveal a nature scene to use for visualization. The tin will explain the body-mind connection to the color, and why you have chosen it. A handmade lava bead bracelet on a black string is nestled inside the kit, paired with an all natural essential oil blended to evoke nature. Apply a single drop from the essential oil vial onto your lava bead, grounded you and connected you to the center of the earth. The final step is to download the a’chromatherapy™ app on your smartphone to access the guided meditation for your nature image, listen to the sounds of the ocean or forest while a soothing voice guided you on a mental journey.

The a’chromatherapy tins are beautifully packaged, easy to send, perfect for stockings, and for anyone including children.

Sara Daly is a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Complex Lymphatic Therapist, President at the Waterfalls Day Spa, and Director of Corporate Partnerships, a’chromatherapy™.

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