The very thought of therapy can cause a person to feel a wide range of emotions. There is a perception we have of people who need to have therapy and that prevents a majority of people seeking it out. But there are times when you do need to seek out therapy.

Anytime you feel like you need to hurt yourself or someone else, is a cause for immediate concern. In this moment, it is highly advisable that you take the time to seek out a professional psychiatrist who can help to guide you through the emotions.

Consider getting help if you’ve had a traumatic experience

If you’ve suffered a trauma of any kind, you also need to consider therapy. When a death, a loss of a job, or a breakup controls your thoughts, it isn’t healthy. You need to learn how to cope with this loss and to move forward.

When you have become so overcome with fear or anxiety and are unable to function, you also need to consider therapy. A person shouldn’t get to the point where they need to distance themselves from the things they once loved to do. While anxiety does affect millions of people, with therapy and sometimes medication, you can prevent it from holding you hostage.

When you self-medicate, issues are only masked, not resolved

When a person abuses substances in an effort to cope with their feelings, it is also time to consider therapy. All substance abuse does is mask emotions and works as a deterrent from them. This means there is an underlying concern that you need to address.

There is nothing wrong with needing therapy. This is essential for your mental health and wellbeing. So make sure you don’t write it off, just because of what you think others might think. Instead, think about how much it can have a positive change in your life and use it to improve your life.

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