Podcast Explains the Benefits of Online Mental Health Self-Help

Dr. Bosman and Team at Open Forest

On July 1, 2017,  Dr. Michiel Bosman, MD & Ph.D. and the Founder of Open Forest, a self-help online protocol designed to help users with their mental health issues joined Eric Dye at eHealth Radio, the Health News & Mental Health Channels, for a discussion about Open Forest. In the podcast, host Eric Dye asks his guest, Dr. Michiel Bosman the following questions about online mental health self-help options:

  • Can you tell us the story behind Open Forest and why you created it? What is your background?
  • What results are you finding with Open Forest and from the people you talk to that are using it?
  • Is there a specific audience or problem that Open Forest helps the most?
  • How is Open Forest changing the way we manage our mental health care? In other words, does having the opportunity to have “on demand” help make a significant difference for users and why?
  • Does Open Forest work in concert with your mental health or medical professional or is it a stand alone product so that users don’t need to rely on your traditional medical/mental health professional as much and/or in times of crisis or is Open Forest more of an “as you go” health tool and why?

Dr. Bosman explained that, as a psychiatrist, he and his team are always on the lookout for truly epic content about mental health issues to share with patients and anyone in need of help. This collection of evidence-based, useful and relevant articles has led to the Open Forest initiative. The MD/Ph.D. crew at Open Forest adds new content daily with the help of an ever-growing group of contributors from all over the world!

Also, Open Forest not only offer unique, high-quality blog posts, but also mental health self-tests and our acclaimed self-help modules.

Whether you use these self-help modules on your own, or in a “blended therapy” setting (which basically means you combine self-help modules and regular counseling sessions), Dr. Bosman expressed his confidence that visitors and users will find the website useful.

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