My Personal Experience of Asperger’s

My name is David Adrian Thomas and I’m an Esquire of the Royal Division of the United Kingdom.

I had a bizarre infancy marked by dying and coming back to life, 6 days a week, from 3½ days old until 3½ years old. I did it by asthma induced oxygen starvation which blacked me out into coma in about 75 seconds flat. I remained dead 8 hours each time and passed the time, in heaven, talking to God and my other ancestors there. The 7th day each week was the Sabbath, Sunday, when God had to take a rest from work.

Okay, that’s my memory of those events, and I’m not saying it is a true memory.

It could well be a false memory, but I was not the only person I knew at that time with similar memories to mine. So I did not question them.

William the Conqueror

They were members of the County Surveyors Society. I was a child member to the age of 7½ when I became a yeoman member. And I became an esquire member at age 15½. William the Conqueror and his half brothers, Robert and Odo, founded the Society in 1066. Its job was to keep them from suicide so they could claim England as their dynastic real estate after 20 years.

My oldest living relative taught me the same pedagogy, and I now teach it pro bono by email autoresponder. Its URL is here. I proved myself capable of 50 years suicide avoidance and prevention to become the society chief instructor of it.

Six months earlier I suffered a nervous breakdown in the office.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s

My boss hired a private consultant clinical psychiatrist to diagnose and treat it. He diagnosed and treated it as Asperger’s Syndrome. I’d never heard of it before and looked it up in a medical dictionary. It said its a.k.a. Autistic Psychopathy.

I recalled having a diagnosis of that in 1960. Peers at school called me a psychopathic retard on account of it.

Two years after my diagnosis of and treatment for Asperger Syndrome, the society was wound up. It had ceased being relevant in the UK as we all had Asperger Syndrome. It had been why we were all so suicidal. And it meant we were all deemed incompetent. So we had to leave. I fought and won and stayed, but no-one else did.

The outgoing membership asked me to continue coaching them in suicide avoidance and prevention. I had to use the internet rather than our old intranet as they were no longer government employees.

That exposed me to many private clients to me who had not been my former colleagues. They swamped me, and it drove me to attempt suicide. Hence my email autoresponder.

The forensics of Asperger’s

So, where do forensics come into all this? Well, I know from my education, training and qualifying in County Surveyors Society suicide avoidance and prevention that William and his half brothers, Robert and Odo, held that their familial bloodline originated in the Indus Valley many thousands of years ago. And that, in those days, kings, queens, emperors, empresses, priests and priestesses considered themselves demigods and demigoddesses, and the plebians were just their bloodstock for breeding royal guards who would be loyal, intelligent and chivalrous. So they bred them to be like that, so they would be ‘perfect ruler warrior savants’ serving their kings, queens, emperors, empresses, priests and priestesses without questioning or challenging their authority over them.

But they bred an aberration into the bloodline, that made them disloyal, stupid and reckless when not on missions for their kings, queens, emperors, empresses, priests and priestesses. When that happened, they challenged their demigods and demigoddesses, and mutinied stupidly against them, became reckless about their own health and wellbeing and anybody else’s. They began killing their demigods and demigoddesses, and their fellow ruler warrior savants, and when there were none of them left to kill, they turned inward on themselves and set about killing themselves from the inside.

This is where Dr. Hans Asperger’s name for it, Autistic Psychopathy, makes tons of sense. Autistic Psychopathy is what made Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook, USA, shoot his mother, then adults and children at the Sandy Hook School, and then set up a standoff against the emergency services that rushed there, thus presenting himself as a target for marksmen to shoot him dead, but prevented them having that satisfaction by committing suicide before they could open fire at him (read more about Adam Lanza here).

David Adrian ThomasThe author of this blog set up the County Surveyors Society International Ltd on 1st July 2014. His aim was to develop a replacement for the County Surveyors Society of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. It was a haven for bloodline descendants of William the Conqueror who had the strain of ruler warrior savantism he had. It taught suicide avoidance and prevention, so the new society does that also, by email. Another function of that society the author is developing is the education of such people. He is joint venturing in this task with Energime University (

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