5 Essential Parenting Blogs for Today’s Families

Raising children is a complicated, stressful, and sometimes confusing experience. It is also one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. Not everyone approaches parenting in the same way and it seems like everyone has an opinion as to how you should raise your children. No matter how rewarding raising a child can be, everyone needs some advice from time to time. Whether you need potty training tips or simply some reassurance that you aren’t alone in your efforts to understand your teenager, parenting blogs are often very helpful. While most blogs are helpful, some are better than others and we’ve listed 5 of our favorites.

Family Focus Blog

Family focus blog is full of parenting advice and helpful hints. It offer advice on everything from talking to your child about difficult subjects to home- made sunburn relief and fun crafts for kids. Far from being strictly about the hard parts of parenting, many posts provide craft ideas to make the time you spend with your child more fun for both of you. There are even easy and tasty recipes to make those hectic weeknight suppers easier for everyone involved.

Free Range Kids

Free Range Kids is a down to earth, extremely informative blog that stresses keeping kids safe while still allowing them to be kids; not always an easy thing in the world of today. Filled with great parenting advice and tips as well as news items that are relevant to parenting, this blog offers great parenting advice with a healthy dose of common sense on the side; a rare combination.

Life of Dad

This unique blog offers great tips and advice from the unique (and sometime hilarious) viewpoint of a dad. The blog is by dads and for dads, but the advice is something that all parents can benefit from. It celebrates fatherhood and contains not only posts, but videos, podcasts, and a host of other entertaining and informative content. Life of Dad celebrates everything that makes being a father wonderful.

Ask your Dad Blog

Another blog by a dad that offers a lighthearted look at a serious job, Ask your Dad has a little of everything that makes parenting great. There are warmhearted posts about how great, and sometimes scary, it is to be a father, comics that every parent can relate to, and even an “ask your mom” page. Even if you follow only a few blogs, this should definitely be one of them.

The next Family Blog for LBGT Parents and Modern Families

This blog offers a great deal of parenting advice and addresses not only universal parenting tips, but also those problems that are unique to LBGT parents. There are many posts from parents of LBGT children who share their advice and experiences for the benefit of all. The Next Family is among the most heartfelt and enlightening parenting blogs to be found on the web today.

No matter how many kids you have, at some point one will come up with something new and blogs can be a great help, whether you’re a first time parent or an old hand. They offer tips, tricks, advice, and sometimes reassurance that you aren’t the only one who struggles with parenting. There are millions of blogs on the internet and rest assured that no matter what your child has done, someone else’s child has probably already done it.

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