Outpatient Mental Health is Moving Online

Cost, accessibility are major reasons why patients fill mental health needs on the web

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Walnut, CA: Each year, one in five Americans deals with mental health issues. Three new online players offer options. These companies include drugstore chain Walgreens, venture capital backed Lyra Health, and mental health self help startup Open Forest. All three offer solutions to the problem of affordable, timely access to qualified mental health professionals.

Dr Michiel Bosman, Editor of Open Forest, which offers online self help courses, says: “Over and over, research shows mental health treatment saves tremendous amounts of money for society. Still, many people do not seek the help they need.”

Some of the reasons people report for not seeking mental health care:

  • Limited insurance coverage.
  • The stigma of seeking help.
  • Difficulty accessing mental health professionals (especially in rural areas).

During the past year:

  • Over 18% of all U.S. adults have dealt with any mental illness.
  • While the number of uninsured has dropped significantly, about 10% of U.S. citizens do not have healthcare coverage.
  • Of those insured 13% do not have mental health coverage.
Michiel Bosman MD PhD

Michiel Bosman MD, Editor, Open Forest

Dr Bosman continues: Walgreens and Lyra Health have made mental health care more accessible through their online talk therapy platforms. Open Forest lowers the threshold even more, by offering easy to use, online self help courses for people dealing with mental health issues.”

About Open Forest: Open Forest (www.localhost) offers easy to use, evidence-based online self help courses for people dealing with mental health issues. Courses offered include “Coping with ADHD“, “Problem Drinking“, “Dealing with Depression” and “Everyday Mindfulness“.


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